November 10, 2022

Electrical enclosures are irreplaceable parts of any electrical system. They protect some of the most important components, and they allow engineers to design systems in efficient ways.

When the enclosures are in extreme or outdoor environments, some of the standard design philosophies can actually create new problems for the electrical components, even while the enclosures protect from some elements.

Two major problems that often arise are heat build-up and condensation. Fortunately, you can solve both of these problems without replacing your existing enclosures. With simple enclosure ventilation kits, you can ensure that every enclosure has adequate airflow without compromising the protection offered by the enclosure.


Flowing Air

The entire purpose of a ventilation kit is to enable the free flow of air through the electrical enclosure. Generally speaking, air flow in an enclosure is important for two reasons.

First, electrical components can generate a lot of heat when they are active. If an enclosure protects high-energy or densely-packed systems, then active use periods can create a lot of heat buildup inside of the enclosure. That heat can increase electrical resistance and even lead to damage.

The other important aspect of air ventilation is to equalize air pressure. This is particularly important for outdoor applications, as changing weather patterns can significantly impact the outdoor air pressure. When pressure differences build up between the interior and exterior of the enclosure, it leads to condensation.

For obvious reasons, condensation inside of the electrical enclosure is bad.


Rain Tight Design

Even though ventilation kits allow for airflow into the enclosure, they still protect against external water ingress. The ventilation kits are protected against water through a clever design. Essentially, the vent points away from the enclosure in such a way that rain cannot enter into the vent and find its way to the electrical components within. 

Even in the case of heavy rain, the vent might get wet, but the enclosure will remain undisturbed. 


Multi-Layers Gasket System 

The key to keeping the ventilation kits safe from water lies in the multi-layer gasket system. The gaskets create multiple barriers that are not remotely water-tight (as they allow free airflow). Despite that, each layer of the gasket is angled at a slope that allows water to constantly drain out of the vent.

Because of this, natural sources of water, such as rain, can never climb the vent to get inside of the electrical enclosure. It’s a simple, effective system that allows for truly free airflow without enabling water to penetrate the enclosure.


A Full-Feature Kit 

A proper ventilation kit includes everything needed for installation and application. The Allied Moulded kits are made from the same strong polycarbonate materials as outdoor-rated electrical enclosures. This material is resistant to impact and corrosion, making it ideal for outdoor use. It is also resistant to sunlight, so you don’t have to worry about UV damage.

The kit includes the vent and all needed mounting hardware. You can install the vent anywhere that you can install an enclosure, and it readily solves problems that plague air-tight outdoor enclosures.