August 11, 2022

Electrical devices need a certain amount of protection from the elements, and that’s why electrical enclosures are used so often. When you’re looking at enclosures for a specific purpose, you’ll find that you have a lot of options such as; metal enclosures, nonmetal enclosures, fiberglass, polycarbonate and more.

While you browse these many choices, you may come across ULTRALINE. This is a specific material that is great for a lot of applications that prefer nonmetal enclosures, and learning more about ULTRALINE could prove beneficial.

ULTRALINE is a type of fiberglass reinforced polyester material used in industrial electrical enclosures. These enclosures come with patented mounting options that improve the total utility and range of options while keeping the installation process quick and simple.

With out-of-the-box flanges and mounting feet, you can create almost any configuration that you could possibly need.
Additionally, these enclosures are available with molded latch keepers and opaque or clear covers..
Overall, the ULTRALINE enclosure style comes in eight different sizes, each conforming to modern architecture — ensuring that your enclosures are never an eyesore while protecting critical electrical components.

What Are Good Use Cases for ULTRALINE Enclosures?
An ULTRALINE enclosure with the right add-ons and mounting options can serve a lot of specific use cases where non-metallic enclosures are preferred. Typically, that ties to issues with corrosion. The ULTRALINE material is UV resistant, so you don’t have to worry about premature aging due to sunlight in outdoor applications.

Manufacturer settings and other locations with high corrosion risks are also great places to implement ULTRALINE enclosures, and with the see-through cover, you can expand on that. Any sensitive instrument that provides readings and needs ample protection can sit in an ULTRALINE enclosure with a clear HMI cover. You can take readings as needed, and you never have to expose the instrument or the operator.

Additionally, EMI and RFI shielding are available for devices that need it.

Ultimately, the right enclosure for the job is one that protects your electrical components and provides you with the secure knowledge that everything is safe. ULTRALINE enclosures prove ideal for many cases, and might be the right enclosure for your next application.