January 11, 2022


Installation of fiber optic communications equipment in large buildings and apartment complexes.



The customer was using carbon steel enclosures and needed an enclosure that was durable and cost effective.


  • Low cost with hole modifications
  • Custom locking mechanism
  • Large quantities per month with on time delivery
  • Metal enclosures were less expensive than Allied Moulded
  • Customer’s perception of non metallic enclosures not being as durable as metal



AM24248 and AMP864 with modifications

The sales rep and Allied Moulded Products worked hand-in-hand throughout the quote/evaluation process and were able to provide special locks and modifications as well as comparable pricing to the competition. The Allied Moulded Fiberglass enclosures were 1/2 the weight of the metal enclosures which means they were easier to handle and safer to install.

The customer also learned that they didn’t have to ground the non metallic, Allied enclosures. This was a cost savings to the installer as they no longer needed to hire a Union electrician to run the ground wiring like they did for the metal enclosures.

Allied Moulded has been the preferred enclosure supplier for this customer through the strong relationship with the sales rep and the excellent customer support.


Control Series Features:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-conductive
  • Easy to modify
  • Light weight
  • Rigid design with back panel
  • Stainless steel mounting brackets


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