Electrical Enclosures with through glass door
September 8, 2022

A lot of different jobs and applications use electrical enclosures. Construction projects, device installations, data and networking, and plenty of other scenarios all require appropriate electrical enclosures. When you are planning such a project, if you don’t spend time finding the right enclosures, you could end up with unpleasant and unexpected expenses.

As part of your planning process, you should spend time on electrical enclosures. Getting them just right will save you money, and you can save a lot of time when it comes to installation, which once again improves your bottom line. Utilize the tips below to start your project off right.


Pick the Right Material

Enclosures are designed and built for specific jobs. Depending on that job, you will need a material that meets specifications. The most obvious example is when you choose between metallic and non-metallic enclosures. Some installations might require metal enclosures. When metal enclosures are not specified, non-metallic enclosures can easily replace the metal enclosure option.

In either case, you have multiple materials to choose from that can do the job. When it comes to non-metallic enclosures, polycarbonate and fiberglass are the go-to materials. Depending on the application, you might find that one material fits your needs better while still meeting all of the specifications.


Standard vs Custom Enclosures

The benefit of non-metallic enclosures is that they are easy to customize. You can start with a standard enclosure that fits the application and meets all specifications. If that enclosure is all you need, then you can stop there. If you order a standard enclosure and need to modify the enclosure as the project progresses, that box can easily be modified to fit the application without the need for metal working tools.

These enclosures can be ordered with the custom options already on/in the enclosure or since they are non-metallic, they can easily be modified in the field.   


Consider Scale

If you only need two electrical enclosures to complete a project, then there’s not a lot of room to be cost-effective. If you’re installing hundreds or thousands of enclosures over the scope of a project, then the opportunities to save money become apparent.

Always think about the cost of scale. Not all designs lend to bulk pricing, so you’re not guaranteed to save money by buying more. Again, talk to your manufacturer. Work together on a design that meets all of your needs and scales well. That allows you to buy in bulk and bring down the unit price, saving considerable money over the course of the project.

When you plan ahead and take the time to think carefully about your electrical enclosures before you rush into the project, you can get the right design at the right price. It saves considerable amounts of money, and it also saves many installation headaches.

Working with Allied Moulded to customize the enclosures you need from the beginning, you’ll ensure you get the right enclosure and any added accessories you need for your project.